Best Electronic Dartboards

Darts is a real simple and fun game to play. All that is required in this game is patience, accuracy and precision. The game is really addicting too. The game is ruined if you have a low quality and a wrong type of board. In opposite to this if you have a good board than this game is even more enjoyable.

You can score more points and faster. So if you are looking to buy a new dartboard then let me aid you. In this article I will discuss the best electronic dartboards so you can judge which one you want to buy.

Electric dartboards vs Traditional dartboards

For a very long time, traditional dartboards were the way to go, and purists do still prefer them, but soft tip dart boards are very prominent in globally.

While different people prefer different styles, there are some differences that may make an electronic dartboard the best for you.

Here are the pros of an electric board.

  • Electronic dartboards have larger sections and are slightly easier to hit the target on.
  • Most electronic boards will keep score for you.
  • Bounce-outs still count!
  • Soft-tip darts don’t leave holes in the wall/floor
  • Soft-tip darts are lighter, easier to maintain.
  • Electric boards have a more fun “arcade” feel, due to the sound effects.

Here are some Electronic Dartboards with their descriptions.

Arachnid Inter-Active 6000 Electronic Dart Board

Best Electronic Dartboards

The dartboard has 27 different types of games programmed in it. There are very few chances of bounce outs in the dartboard. You would have no problem in pulling the darts out. Even the plastic darts stick on the board. It has a heckler option and this is really funny especially when you are playing with a friend that is lousy at the game.

There is a very useful book that comes with the product and it tells you how to set the game and if you would lose it then have fun changing the games and setting them up. There is a place to put darts and you get 6 darts with it. The board is of regulation size. The battery is AC operated.

Now let’s see its bad side. The product doesn’t come with good darts so you will have to buy them yourself. The volume of the board is a bit loud even on low. The heckler option has to be turned off every time you turn the board on or you switch the game. Every time in cricket mode you hit a wrong number it says the number followed by a miss this can be irritating.

Fat Cat 727 Electronic Dartboard

Best Electronic Dart Boards

The Fat Cat 727 Electronic Dartboard is a real classy board it has an LCD display, and requires 4 AA batteries to work. The company provides a 90 day warranty. The product also includes an auto shut off feature. The dartboard is easy to set up and has a reasonable price.

The darts of that come with the dartboard are okay and with extra tips too. The games in the dartboard are easy to understand. The board is durable. It is good at scoring and you can easily take the darts off the board. The best thing about is that it is a winner in looks and I don’t like ugly things so this is the real plus for me.

In contrast to all of this the instruction book is hard to understand and there should have been a way to secure the bottom of the board. The darts don’t stick properly, and you would have to turn the board off to switch the game. There is only one beep per dart or press of a button so not great sound effects.


Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 Soft-Tip Dart Game

Best Electronic Dart Boards

The dartboard is of tournament quality and has 179 options. Up to 8 players can play at a time and there are 40 games in the dartboard. There is a heckler option in the game too. This makes you feel that you are playing with a crowd. I like this feature but most people don’t. You can easily play using the dartboard and enjoy. There are very few chances of bounce outs.

The sounds effects of the dartboard are really good. The installation of the board is really easy too. The product is strong and durable. The X/O future that marks the points is very good it makes it easier to see the score even from a great distance and gives you a chalkboard type of view.

Let’s check out the bad side of the board. The darts like most that come with dartboards are junk. Buy new ones if you want to play a decent game. The numbers above the X/O are not lit so it makes them hard to read. The board is expensive but it is loaded with features. It is almost impossible to beat the CPU mode so don’t try that if you are new.

Arachnid Cricket Pro 650 Soft-Tip Dart Game

Best Electronic Dartboards

The dartboard is super cool it has so many features and it works great too. There are only a few bounce outs and the scoring system is good too. The board has a heckler feature one of my favorite features in electronic dartboards. The board is according to the standard measurements.

It is easier to pull the darts out. The board shows the score of all four players at a single time. The colors make it easier to see which scores to hit. The Arachnid Cricket Pro 650 Soft-Tip Dart Game turns a red light on to show which numbers are closed by all players.

Now here comes the Pros of the Arachnid Cricket Pro 650 Soft-Tip Dart Game. The sound like most dartboards which are electronic is too loud. Light darts would not always be scored it is not the problem of the panels but is more likely the cause of the darts you are using.


Which One?

The best from all of these is the Arachnid Inter-Active 6000 Electronic Dart Board, it has all the right features you want in a dartboard. But the others are also as good it depends on your liking. The main problem with all dartboards is the darts so remember to always order new darts with it, because without them your game would become lousy.


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