A Guide To Buying The Best Soft Tip Darts

Best Soft Tip Darts For darts enthusiasts, an automatic or electronic dartboard creates an altogether different experience, so when they feel like “mixing things up” or expanding their skills, this provision is definitely worth a try. Along with the electronic dartboard (with built-in sensors in the depressions), what also make the experience different are the soft-tip darts used with it that really require players to demonstrate impressive skill and precision, but provide the advantage of being safer to use because they are not sharp enough to pierce through walls. These soft tip-darts are not that different from traditional ones, actually, material-wise – they are made of brass, nickel silver or tungsten. Brass darts are substantial (they are deemed bulky and heavy), but nickel silver is actually a little heavier than brass darts. Nickel silver darts score the advantage, however, of looking nicer longer for they do not tarnish as easily as others do. Tungsten, on the other hand, has the best density; typically, though, it’s reinforced with nickel to prevent the dart from breaking easily. If you’re interested in the “different” experience offered by an automatic dartboard and soft-tip darts, and you wish to purchase the best soft tip darts that can help you develop your game skills further, here are some “smart” buying tips for soft tips.

The best soft-tip darts are those suitable for your skill level. 

Always remember that sporting equipment is designed to help minimize player handicaps and, at the same time, assist them in improving their skills. Always get the recommended ones for your level of skill. For example, you’re a beginner; the brand and model suitable for you is the Arachnid Tungsten darts which really was designed for beginners because the darts are lightweight, easy to throw, and easy to track on targets better. Or if you’re a beginner struggling with control of the dart, the Unicorn Brand may be the best choice; it has a tungsten barrel with finger tip grooves for better control. Now if you consider yourself an intermediate player, these Winmax darts is an ideal choice.

Score some recommendations online. 

There are articles and forums that you can refer to so you know the price range of certain brands, the features of the most popular choices, value for your money, and other relevant information that can assist you in your purchase. There may be new brands that are just as good as long established ones, and you can also get them at much cheaper prices.

The best brands do not always need to make a big dent on your budget.

If the local sporting stores are not about to hold a sale so you can get top brand darts at a much cheaper price, the online market is the better shopping place for you. The most famous brands can be purchased by as much as 60 percent less than their standard retail price on Amazon.


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