How to Choose the Best Dartboard

best dart board

Dart Board Overview: Bristle vs Electronic

One of the first things that you must decide when purchasing a new dart board is whether you want to buy a bristle dart board or whether you want an electronic dart board.

A bristle dart board is going to allow you to use steel tip darts that professional dart players use. They are made of tightly wound fibers that are durable and self healing.

An electronic dartboard requires that you use soft tip darts that will stick in pre-made holes that cover the plastic surface of the board. Electronic dartboards often come with functions that keep track of scoring for a wide range of dart games that you can play. Click here to view our list of the best electronic dart boards

How to assess for quality bristle dart boards.

If you’re going to purchase a bristle dart board, I highly recommend focusing on quality. The best dart boards are made with sisal – a type of fiber that’s made from agave. A sisal dart board is the best because they are made from a bunch of tightly wound fibers that will heal the holes that are left by darts.

If you buy a cheap cork or wound paper dart board, they will quickly fall apart due to the holes left by your darts. I would recommend avoiding these types of dart boards.

It is also very important to find a dartboard with thin wiring and no staples to avoid darts from frequently bouncing out.

Winmau Blade IV Bristle Dartboard

Winmau Blade IV Bristle Dartboard

The Winmau Blade IV Bristle Dartboard is specially made with sisal fibers that are tightly woven to provide the best and cleanest healing. It’s my favorite dart board and is often the dart board of choice for championship matches.

The product is fully staple free. It is made sure that the thinnest sector wire available in the market is used so the chances of bounce outs can be minimized so that players can score higher points in the game.

The number ring of this dartboard is removable so you can easily rotate the dartboard and it also helps you in increasing the life of the surface. A dart booklet and a checkout table are also included with the dartboard and it also comes with easy to use mounting hardware. The dartboard doesn’t includes darts.

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Nodor Supawire Bristle Dartboard

Nodor Supawire Bristle Dartboard

This board is also made from sisal fibers to perform the same task that is to provide cleanest and the best healing. The number ring is also removable to serve the same purpose.

The Supawire wire contains a staple free bull’s-eye. The supawire dividers are really thin and their edges are round this makes it harder for the darts to bounce out. The supawire also takes less time to get mounted correctly. The dartboard has staples which are used in its construction so this can be a hurdle in the game.

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Viper Shot King Bristle Dartboard

The Viper Shot King Bristle Dartboard is really strong and weighs about 13 pounds too (ooh heavy). The bull’s-eye of the board is staple free. The round wires of the dartboard reduce bounce outs.  The number ring is removable in this one too; this makes the board durable and you can easily rotate it.

The specialty of the dartboard is that the wear and tear after a long usage would not be visible. This feature is because of the excellent healing of the material that the dartboard is made up of that is fiber. 6 steel tip darts and a game manual are also included with the dartboard.

The dartboard has to be hung well otherwise it will fall to the floor with the darts. There are also staple used so it increases the chances of the bounce outs.

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Nodor Champion’s Choice Practice Bristle Dartboard

Nodor Champion's Choice Practice Bristle Dartboard

The board is specifically designed for those people who want to increase their aiming and throwing expertise. The board is not made with the all standard measurements. The double and triple rings have half the width of the standard size so you can improve your accuracy.

The higher point areas are shaded bright to further support you in your cause. The dartboard has a standard diameter, that is 18 inches. The company gives a year of warranty as well. This board is also made with sisal fiber. The wires have a high tensile strength which makes the board durable and looking good at all times.

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Viper Dead-On Bristle Dartboard

best dart board

This board is also made up of sisal fibers and is made according to standard measurements. The board heals quickly after the dart has been removed. The board is designed for both steel tip and soft tip darts so anyone of any age can play with this board.

The number ring in the board is removable ensuring durability. The wires of the boards are of triangular shape this makes the chances of bounce outs a little less too. The bull’s-eye is staple free.

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Viper Hudson Collection All-In-One Dart Center

Viper Hudson Collection All-In-One Dart Center

Like all the products I have mentioned this one also made from sisal fibers serving the same purpose. It is made on a cabinet with a mahogany finish. The number ring is removable as well. The product comes with Shot King Dartboard and also two sets of steel tip darts.

The cabinet has box joints and self-closing brushed nickel hinges. The board has standard measurements. Mounting hardware and a game manual is also included with the product. It is not actually a dartboard but a whole center of all the things you need in dark, including even the score board.

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So you have seen many different types of dartboards. All of them are made up of sisal fibers to make them durable and long lasting. The best one from all of these is the first one, the Winmau Blade IV Bristle Dartboard. This dartboard has almost nothing wrong with it. It is durable and can stand the harsh conditions as well as wear and tear.

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