Winmau Blade 4 Bristle Dartboard Review

Darts is a very popular game in different parts of the world. It is common in pubs as well as professional competitions. It is a game that involves throwing of darts to a target that is circular in shape. The game is normally played either by two teams or two players. There are certain numbers that are in play when playing darts.

winmau blade 4

These numbers include: 20, 19, 18, 17, 16, 15 and of course, bull’s eye. The objective of darts is for either of the players to own the some of the numbers on the board. The players that make the highest score win. The rules of the game indicate that each of the players or the teams have to have a turn at throwing the darts. The close is achieved when any of the players make a score of three of any of the numbers.

This is achieved by a triple, three singles or through a single and a double. The equipment required to dart include: a dartboard, a set containing three darts and a well-lit and safe place to play. In order to enjoy darts, you need to have high quality equipment. The most important equipment is the dartboard.

With so many in the market, it can be a difficult task to choose one. There is however some that have managed to stand out from the rest. A perfect example is winmau blade 4 bristle dartboard.

Get more details about it in this winmau blade 4 bristle dartboard review.


Winmau bade 4 bristle dartboard is one that stands out from the rest. Even before you get a look at what it is like, you are able to tell that it is a great product. This is because it comes packaged very safely in a very attractive packaging material. When you look at this dartboard for the first time, you can easily tell the difference between it and the Blade 3 model. It looks better in terms of colour and finish.

The back of the dartboard is one of the features that make this dartboard amazing. It comes with a screw hole which saves you a lot of work and makes the placement process easier for you. You are however required to use a hammer to get the clips on. The other thing you will like about this dartboard is its wire system.

One problem a lot of people have with dartboards is the wire system. In most cases, they create some shadows in the doubles and trebles and they at times twist from one side to another. Some are also too thick that they cause bouncing off the darts. This is however not the case with winmau blade 4 bristle dartboard.

The wire system is designed in such a way that it is deep enough preventing flexing. This prevents bouncing off of the darts. The numbering on this dart board is white in colour and is anti-glare. This is another thing that makes this dartboard amazing.

When it comes to sound, this dartboard can be quite loud. Most people find this advantageous because it is a game and the sound is part of the excitement. When you buy this dartboard, you also get a checkout table and a booklet with all the information and rules you need about the game.


There are a number of advantages you get from buying the winmau blade 4 bristle dartboards. First and foremost, there is no bouncing off of darts. The other advantage is the fact that this dartboard has numbering that is anti-glare and does not create shadows. It is also a very durable dartboard and has some amazing colours. Last but not least, it comes with all the information you need about the game and a set of rules you need to follow to play the game right. This is great for beginners who want to learn darts.

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In conclusion, darts is a very fun game that can be played at a pub, as a professional activity or at home with friends and family. In order to enjoy this game, you need to have all the necessary equipment and a dartboard is the most important of all of them. Winmau blade 4 bristle dartboard is a great dartboard for experts and beginners and will definitely give you an amazing darting experience.

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