Is Sight Right Dart technology actually useful?

Games of darts have been enjoyed for thousands of years and over this period of time, players, and enthusiasts have developed this game to a professional level. One notable enthusiast is Steve Feeney; the inventor of Sight Right technology, who coaches games of snooker, golf players and dart players alike.

sight right darts

His technology is based on gun analogy. This analogy has been replicated to improve a players’ chance of making an accurate score on a dartboard, pool table, and golf holes. This article will look at this theory, its functionality, as well as give Sight Right darts review.

The Gun Analogy

Sight Right technology basis its’ concepts on the functionality of a rifle in the hands of a professional gun holder. A gun contains a sight in which a gun holder uses his dominant eye to estimate the desired target before shooting. This helps the gun holder to align his visual motor skills and focus on the desired target.

How does it work?

This technology uses a two-staircase looking wedge that has one line moving horizontally from one staircase to the second staircase. This wedge is placed directly beneath a dart board with the centerline directly below the bull’s eye. Perfect visual posture is achieved when a player, standing across the dartboard, is able to see a straight line on the wedge.

First-time users are advised to first stand on the posture they usually stand when playing a dart board game. In their relaxed state, they should look at the Sight Right wedge. More often than not, the centerline on the wedge will seem broken. With this in mind, they need to tilt only their head, shoulders and waist, without moving their legs and locate a position where the line will appear straight. This helps the player know his or her bad habits in posture.

Readjust your legs now to assume the posture and position in which the centerline will appear straight. The next significant step is to look at the dartboard and if the line alignment correct, your dominant eye will be focusing directly on the bull’s eye. Place your dart piece in front of your eyes and release it as you would before this technology.


The overall target of this technology is to help players eliminate bad habits that are unconsciously picked up when a player is throwing a dart. These include bad physical posture, lack of body balance and placing a dart over one’s shoulder before releasing it across to the dartboard.

These bad habits narrow down the chances a player has to make an accurate score. With the help of Sight Right technology, a player’s technique functions together with visual awareness, which, results in the player making a perfect aim to a target.

Most dart players find their own ways of throwing darts hence, their desired outcomes are not standard. Perfect sighting does not come naturally instead it is a learned technique. Throwing a dart to desired range becomes achievable with the practice of this concept. Technique improves when the dart is in front of the eyes as compared to when the dart comes from over the shoulder because the individual sees the dart flying to the dartboard.

It is also important to know that over-the-shoulder technique only helps an individual learn the mechanisms of which a dart is thrown but not visual accuracy.

This does not only work for the bulls’ eye, but it also works to aim perfectly to double points and triple points thus, making a player more tactical in collecting scores. In addition to that, this product may seem a little plastic in the beginning because it emphasizes that the player ought to ensure that he stand in a particular spot and posture to ensure that the line on the wedge is straight. Nevertheless, a player should understand the concept behind it and eventually, he will get the hang of it and the results will indicate this.


This Sight Right Darts Review article hopes that the game of darts will be played with less guesswork as it is an accuracy game. Steve Feeney has used his concept to mentor professional achieve world recognition by outstanding performances in the fields of darts, pool and golf. This gadget is a must have for both aamateurs and professionals alike.

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