Electronic Dartboards Reviews

This article is for those people who love to play darts or who are willing to learn darts. Darts is a throwing game in which the skills that are required consist of accuracy and precision and also a lot of luck too. This game is really fun to play and it becomes more exciting when you have the right dartboard. This makes the game far more fun and you can easily score points.

In this article I am just going to talk about electronic dartboards. So if you want to modernize the game then this article would help you a lot.

Here are some electronic dartboards with their review.

Regent-Halex Millennia 1.0 Electronic Dartboard in Wood Cabinet, Brown, Medium

The Regent-Halex Millennia 1.0 Electronic Dartboard in Wood Cabinet, Brown, Medium is a real beauty. It is an electronic dartboard with a cabinet. The cabinet is grey inside and has a brown finish which makes it look like a real wood cabinet when it is not.

It can be put on the living room wall or in your garage, or anywhere. It will give the place a new fashionable and classy look. The product is strong and durable. It does not weight much and is not that big in size. There are not many bounce-outs from the board and it can catch darts pretty well.

The electronic board is very good at assigning points too. The doors stay well closed when shut. The dartboard is loud and is really sensitive to darts so it scores every dart thrown at it.

These were all the good things about it lets see the things that are not so good about it. The edges of the dartboard, the no score area, are really rough. The holes are not punched finely and the plastic is really hard around the edges too so the darts don’t stick.

The cord is a little shorter than you want it to be and the company only gives six darts when you need more and extra tips which you probably don’t need. The board is awesome and has negligible flaws. It is durable and really good for the price.

Here is the link for the dartboard on amazon.

Viper 777 Electronic Dartboard

The Viper 777 Electronic Dartboard has a real robotic, future style design. It looks like some contraption of the future but is really a dartboard. The dartboard has place to put darts. There are plenty of game options in the product so don’t bore yourself by just playing a few.

There are really few chances of bounce outs, which is really irritating in the game. So without bounce out you can score higher points. The dartboard is accurate in scoring and has very few errors in calculation. It automatically calculates the score and provides a chalkboard like view in scoring. There is a place to put all the extra dart pins in the board so all the things of the dart stay with the product.

Now let’s see the negative things in the product. The darts that come with the board are really light so it is hard to control them (really hard). The AC adapter is not included with the product so either buy it separately from the company or use batteries. The dartboard is pretty amazing and it will definitely satisfy you.

Learn more and find the best price.

Arachnid Interactive 3000 Soft-Tip Dart Gam

The product has micro thin segment dividers this reduces the chances of bounce outs. The dartboard would praise good shots and would do funny comments on sloppy throws this would make you feel you are playing with an audience, but don’t get nervous because it’s just the product.

The product has LED display. The heckler is better turned on (thank god it has that feature otherwise the newbies would be thrashed to pieces). The board is suitable for 501/301 games and is really good at scoring and calculating the points. The product even has single player mode.

In these you are playing against AIs and the product doesn’t just score a straight win but plays the game with intelligence. You get all the mounting hardware you are going to need to fix the product. The product is a bit loud even on normal volume so have fun with the sound.

The first negative of the dartboard is the darts that come with it. They are really light and so you can’t throw them right and they don’t stick to the board. Therefore you would have to buy new darts if you want to play with fun. The cord is shorter it is hard to plug it in.

The dartboard doesn’t switch to the next player automatically but you have to do it manually. This can be irritating some time but is a plus in a way that you won’t give the next player free points by when taking the darts out.

The dartboard is super amazing and the best feature about it is that it’s the Heckler comments I don’t know why some people hate it so much but I love it, even more when my friends or siblings get mock and criticized.

If you want to look up the Arachnid Interactive 3000 Soft-Tip Dart Gram on Amazon then click here.

Closing Thoughts

I hope that you have been helped a lot after reading this article. You would know be familiar with all the things that can be wrong in a dartboard and what you should be looking for in a dartboard.

After reading the above reviews you would surely be assisted and when you will be buying a board you would have an idea about which board you should buy.

So buy an electronic dartboard and have fun playing the game and if your dartboard has a heckler option then turn it on and laugh on your friends on their criticism.


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