Different Dart Games


Are you a dart lover? Or are you playing the game for the first time? Want to know different versions of the game? Then let me help you.

This article would tell you about different type of dart games that you can play. I will include a little description and their rules.

Before we get to the rules of different games lets first let’s understand the board.

The dartboard has 20 segments each labeled with a number from 1 to 20. There are seven circles portioning the dartboard.

The first one is called the bull’s-eye the second one is the bull, the third one is the single point area, the fourth one, that is the strip, is the triple area, the fifth is the single area again, the sixth one, that is also a strip, is the double are and the last one is the no score zone.

Now let’s take a look at different types of the games.

Darts 501

The most popular dart game is called 501 and is pretty simple to learn.

In this game, Each player starts with a score of 501 and must reduce their points from 501 to zero. A turn consists of throwing 3 darts, calculating the number of points scored for that round and subtracting that from your total.

The innermost part of the bullseye scores 50, the outer ring of the bullseye scores 25. A dart thrown in the outer ring of the dartboard doubles the score of that segment and a dart in the inner ring triples the score of that throw.

To finish the game, you have to hit a double and bring your score exactly to zero. If you don’t finish the game with a double, or your score becomes negative you would go bust and would not subtract any point from your score that round.

The player who does this the fastest, wins.

Darts 301

In this game the objective is kind of the same as in Darts 501. You have to get your score to zero but from 301 instead of 501. You would have to hit a double to get your score to zero and win the game.

A player would get a bust for the same reasons. But then what is different about the game? Is only starting from a score of 301 the difference? No it is not the major difference in this game is that you would have to start your game from hitting a double.

Before that your score will not decrease.

Darts 801

This game is made for team matches, which is why the score is 801 so it would take a little time to get to zero. The rules vary and you can change them as you like.

There are no restrictions you can make it end with a double or start with double or both or maybe none. But be sure to define the rules before you start the game. The player can get a bust because of the same reasons as 301 and 501.

Cricket Darts

This game is a lot different from the games described above. The objective of this game is that you have to close six numbers and the bull’s-eye and get a score higher than your opponent.

Which numbers to close? Numbers from 20 to 15 and the bull. How do you close a number? By hitting it three times. You get a point by hitting the number in the single area, two points by hitting it in the double area and all three by hitting the number in the triple area.

How do you get points? If you have closed a number and your opponent still hasn’t then you can throw a dart at that number again and it would be written on your score. The player who closes all numbers and has the highest score wins.

Shanghai Darts

This game is the most interesting one. It requires skills and luck. All the tables in this game can turn really fast. This game is made for team matches or more than two players but two can play it too.

There are twenty rounds in the game. In each round you have to hit the number corresponding to the round number in all three areas, for example if it is round four you would have to hit the number four in the single double and triple area. Each successive throw to the point area is worth one point.

You don’t get a point by hitting the same area twice. How can the tables turn? There is a very odd rule in the game that can grant a player an immediate win.

If you hit all three areas of a number in a single turn you Shanghai all the players and win the game instantaneously.

Super cricket

This game is mostly like cricket darts. You have to close the six numbers 20 to 15 and the bull’s-eye. The change in this game is that you also have to close the single, double and the triple areas of each number. You get points for hitting areas that are still open for your opponents but you have closed them.

And you get triple and double points for hitting triple and double area. And the player with the most points and who finishes the game first wins.

There are many more games of darts but these were the ones I liked so I thought you might want to try them to. You can vary these games according to your will there are no restrictions. The game that I love is the shanghai darts. It is so fun and unpredictable. And then the second in line is the dart 501 it is the standard dart game and the most popular one.

So pick out the game you like the most and play it you won’t know what it feels like by just reading. And one last and important thing that you should do is to have fun.



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