Best Darts For Beginners – Tips For The Complete Newbie


Those who have never played darts before often have the idea that there’s nothing more to it than focusing on the bull’s-eye and throwing. They can probably also see themselves hurling ninja stars and nailing multiple intended targets running in different directions. Unfortunately, flexing your imagination has little to do with honing real skills. If you want to take up darts, the following are some tips to keep in mind.

Start by covering the basics. Darts for beginners should be simple, so advanced techniques will just have to wait until you can actually make your darts land on the board. Darts just seems so simple that you can’t believe that your first attempts could be that off the mark. You probably thought you’d have to practice more to nail the center, but you certainly didn’t expect your throws to be so wild as to land nowhere near the board.

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That’s the first thing to remember, though. Keep on trying until your shots get closer and closer to your mark, even if it’s the entire board for the time being. Once you start delivering good throws, keep on practicing. After that, you can pretty much rely on muscle memory. The tip behind the usual practice-makes-perfect cliché? Don’t despair and doom your skills to forever being zero if your first few throws never even come close to the target.

It’s so easy to over-think everything when playing darts. For beginners, there’s really no point to obsessing about points just yet. Practice all the tips from the pros about controlling your stance, keeping the body still while throwing, keeping your eye on the target, aligning your body the right way, etc., and once your body starts getting used to the right way of throwing shots, you can then start working on making your darts land in tight groups. Being able to do this means that you already have good control of your throws. At this point, you can then start working on winning points.

Lots of physical factors can throw you off your game, so make sure that you are comfortable and warmed up. Stretch before playing so that your body is more limber and your muscles primed for movement with little chance of cramping.

As you get more involved in the game, don’t obsess over the little details of dart mechanics. Focus on developing a natural approach, so that you can eventually learn to trust your body to deliver good throws. You’ll soon hone your technique and consistently improve your performance. Before you know it, you’ll be an old hand at the game.

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