Before You Buy – Electronic Dartboard 101

electronic-dart-boardFor many people, there’s nothing more relaxing after a long week at work than swapping stories with friends over cold beers and good food at a local pub. All the deadlines, the pressure to put on impressive presentations, and the challenging tasks you had to face throughout the week can be set aside and forgotten — at least for the moment — as you unwind during the weekend over pleasant conversation, light banters, and a little recreation.

Typically, the kind of recreation you can get from your favorite neighborhood pub involves standing before a dart board and letting those darts fly. It’s quite a simple game, although it does take a fair amount of practice to fetch some good scores on that board; for people looking for a little friendly, laid-back competition while sipping a drink and catching up, taking turns at a dartboard is the perfect pastime.

Of course, not everyone may prefer to bask in the pubs setting while playing dart. Other people may be waiting to have their turn at the boards, so you won’t get to play as much as you like. Or perhaps you’re not quite confident with your playing skills yet and would prefer not to be subjected to teasing from other inebriated customers every time you miss a score. If that’s the case, you can certainly enjoy playing darts and clinking beer bottles with friends at home — but can you be sure to acquire the same quality darts equipment you can find at the pub, or even better ones?

Electronic Or Traditional?

First off, you’ll need to determine which type of dartboards and darts to buy. If you’re more traditional, bristle dartboards would be the type to get. These are the most common and often the more preferred boards because they last longer, especially if they’re made by the top manufacturers. Bristle dartboards are made up of compressed sisal fibers that are glued to a backing board. You’ll need to use the standard steel-tip darts for this board; each time you remove a dart from the board, the hole will close behind it.

You can also examine the more modern types of dartboards that you can buy. Electronic dartboard enthusiasts say that these boards bring a whole new excitement to the game. Unlike the bristle board, an electronic dartboard is made of plastic facings and has lots of small holes through which special soft-tip darts are meant to go. Many say that electronic boards are perfect for beginner players because the holes are relatively large, enabling players to have an easier time hitting their targets.

Keeping Score Using An Electronic Board

Each time a soft-tip dart hits the board, the score is digitally registered onto the board using flashy LED displays and sound effects, so players no longer have to manually keep track of their scores. Different boards can register different numbers of players’ scores, so pick a board that can display the number of scores that you prefer at a time for greater enjoyment of the game with friends. Plus, electronic boards come with multiple game options, so players of all ages and skill levels are sure to find something that can enjoy.

Whether you’re buying a board to keep everyone entertained during Family Night or to continue the long-running rivalry between you and your best buddies, make sure to choose one that fits your idea of a fun time so that you can be fully satisfied with your purchase.

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