Backyard Dart Games

Backyard Dart Games

Want a fun outdoor alternative to darts that everyone can play? Check out our top picks for outdoor darts games!

Glow City LED Lawn Darts

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Glow City LED Lawn Darts are our top pick for lawn dart games! We love being able to play outside during warm summer months. Accessible for all ages and any time day or night, this glowing lawn dart set is the perfect addition to any backyard barbecue!


Elite Sportz Hookey Ring Toss Game

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Although not your standard dart board, Elite Sportz Hookey Ring Toss is a perfect alternative for families with young children. This beautiful sold wood board will look perfect hanging up in your backyard. The options are endless for games played on this board and it’s a great way to teach little kids about math and get outdoors!


SSELF Outdoor Inflatable Soccer Darts

Now, if you’re looking for a dart game that has keeps the classic board, but mixes it with oversized fun, look no further than the SSELF Outdoor Inflatable Soccer Darts game. This game has all the elements of a classic darts, but played with inflatable balls and a giant inflatable dart board. Challenge your friends to classic darts games, like 501, but with a giant twist!

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