​DARTS – the game for Champions, because you feel like one when you win at any level .
I started playing when I was in my 20s. I did not know anything about the game, but someone told me to play it to help me with my maths, not one of my strong subjects.

Darts turned this around for me, and I started to get to know more about darts, and bought Eric Bistow’s book, “The Grand Master Of Darts.” Until then I did not know that there were different ways of throwing darts or the angles of the flights and weight of shafts.

I got involved in darts playing at my local pub and played a lot. What surprised me was how many people played, and this was in the 80’s not like now with darts on TV with a lot of money involved in major championships.

I met some very good players who helped me to get better at playing .

I started this website to write and talk about darts. If you have a passion for darts and a darts story, let me know………..Cheers